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What is Wizardry Camp?

Attention Wizards and Witches ! We are back again for another exciting summer of Wizarding camp. Our week long camp is jam-packed with action and excitement! Classes may include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Defense Against the Arts

  • Potions

  • Herbology

  • Divination

  • Care of Magical Creatures

  • you can spend galleons at our candy shop

  • checkout the latest gag at our joke shop

  • play Quidditch

  • duel another wizard

  • find the wand that’s right for you!


You and your camp mates will work together to solve the most magical mysteries and challenges.  Each week of camp is centered around a unique mystery and each day of camp will include new activities! 


Everything kicks off with Owlers flown to each student’s Muggle home, welcoming them to school and contains their secret passwords for the week!   

What should I bring to camp?

Please bring a water bottle and a lunch (for full day campers) or healthy snack (for both full and half-day campers) with all items properly labeled with camper name and phone number, all in a leak-proof bag or cooler.


Please apply sunscreen each morning and send extra in with your child to reapply throughout the day. Since we will be outside, we recommend checking for ticks at the end of the day.


Also, please alert us if there are any allergies or medical conditions about which we should be aware, and label any medications/treatments you bring to camp.  All medical items must be turned into professors at drop-off for safe storage and ease of access in case of need.

Drop off/Pick up Instructions

Specfic directions and parking instructions will be emailed to parents of registered the week prior to the start of camp.

Before and After Care

Before and after-care is available at some of our locations. Here is how to reserve space in those programs:

  • Click on the orange "Register now" button at the top of the page.

  • After adding a camp week to your cart, you will be asked if you’d like to select before or after care. Cost of before/after care is calculated in 15 minute segments, so for instance if you needed to pick your child up 45 minutes after 3pm for four days, you would select “12” (3 fifteen minute intervals x 4 days).

  • Later in the registration there will be a question prompting you to clarify the days and times you require.

If you have chosen this option, we will reach out closer to camp to confirm the same times are needed and collect a credit card (in case you need more time than initially anticipated).

Prefect/Head Student/Apprentices

Campers who meet certain requirements can apply to be a prefect, head student, or apprentice.  Applications for the 2020 Summer Season are still being accepted.   See the forms below for more information:

Prefect application

Head Student application

Apprentice application

Information on the different roles/levels

What else do I need to know?

Half day campers will get a "taste" of the major classes, Quidditch, and shopping at the candy and joke shop.


Full day campers will have more of an immersion experience of wizarding activities, such as choosing class electives.

How are House Points earned and tallied?
How does sorting work?

The sorting ceremony takes place on the second day of each camp week.

The sorting hat takes into consideration personal qualities and values of each student, and their house preference.  

House points are earned in various ways:

  • Using the correct password upon arrival to camp.

  • Showing exceptional good will towards other students.

  • Kind acts.

  • Helping the professors by setting a good example for fellow students to follow.

Prior to the House Cup ceremony in August, the total points awarded to a house is divided by how many students were in the house that summer.  This leaves us with a points-per-student number.  The house with the highest number of points per student wins the House Cup!

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