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Order your House Robes!

Due to many requests for wizarding apparel, we are now offering the option of purchasing a robe prior to the start of camp. The cost of a robe is $32.  First years will receive their house robe after they have been sorted.  Returning students who purchase robes may receive them on the first day of camp. Please note that we do not offer shipping, robes will only be provided to students attending camp. Campers will receive their robe on the second day of camp after the sorting ceremony.


Should you wish to purchase a robe, please complete the questions below and select "Add to Cart". Review your cart items then hit "Continue" and you will be prompted to enter your payment information on the next page. If purchasing robes for multiple children, please complete their information separately.

** NOTE: if your child is a first year, but has a strong preference about which house they’d like to be sorted into, please make that known to us. 

Attention all wizarding families! House robes can be magically purchased directly from our website! No more muggle paper forms to fill out!  Click on the button above to expand your child's whimsical wizarding wardrobe before their first week of camp!

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