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Birthday parties are BOOKED THROUGH 2020!


The wizarding activities last 1.5-2 hours, then you are provided time for your group to enjoy refreshments and gifts. 




We can fly the magic to a location of your choosing or host the festivities at our popular Chester Springs, PA location. 




In addition to organized Wizard Activities, each young wizard selects a wand (or the wand selects them…). We also have the option to provide the party-goers with galleons with which tasty treats and zany jokes may be purchased at our sweet shop and joke shop.  Together with a massive chocolate frog and a bag of a couple extra items, each child leaves with a party bag he or she has customized to fill! Children get to experience wizarding "classes" such as potions, dueling, or charms. Weather permitting, children will also play Quidditch outside (no actual flying brooms are involved).



Families are welcome to bring or order food or drinks.  We can provide a list of area food establishments from which tasty morsels can be delivered.  We provide butterbeer, chocolate frogs, chilled water, serving trays and tools, paper products, and matches. 


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