Summer Camp Information

Brandywine School of Wizardry hosts half day and full day wizarding camps.

* Please check the listings below or contact us for specific location information.  

 Full day programs run from 9am-3pm. Half day programs run from 9am-noon. Before/after care available at various locations throughout the Delaware Valley.  

We base our activities on the "classes," events, and activities similar to those in the bespectacled wizard stories.  

Prior to the camp, students receive an "owler" in the mail inviting them to their first day of term, along with secret passwords to know each day to gain points for their houses.  

 Each week is unique based on a new theme.  Each theme involves a mystery, or ultimate effort, that the group is engaged in to solve! Many of each week’s particular lessons/activities are geared toward that week's mystery or theme, giving the students subtle clues. The "classes" we teach include but are not limited to the following:


  • Potions 

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts 

  • Charms 

  • Care of Magical Creatures 

  • History of Magic 

  • Herbology 

  • Divination 

  • Muggle Studies 


Activities outside of classes include the following:  


  • The sorting ceremony! First years are sorted into their houses on the second day of camp

  • We teach and play Quidditch   

  • Mystery related activities  

  • Earning galleons to shop at our candy and joke shops

  •  Tasting butterbeer

  • Earning house points (and losing them although that's not the fun part) -- points are tallied throughout the year from all programs. 


The winning house is announced at our House Cup ceremony held the second weekend of August.  It also serves as our annual fundraiser for a local non-profit agency. We match what is raised to keep the magic alive.  

 Activities occur throughout the day both indoors and outdoors.  

 Half day vs. full day – Children attending the half day program are involved in a sampling of the major activities – sorting, wands, spells, dueling, potions, Quidditch, trips to our version of Honeydukes and Zonkos and the Three Broomsticks, and as time permits, are involved in the other “classes” such as divination, herbology for example.  They are also involved in the major parts of the week-long mystery/unique theme for the week. 


Children attending the full day program do more of each activity as well as branch out into other classes – care of magical creatures and charms for example, and engage in wizarding activities beyond the classes. For instance, the Anticipation activity allows students to apply their new knowledge for countering danger from magical creatures, plants, and spells.    

 Ages range typically from 6-15 years old, though we do have some younger and some older.  Younger children are registered with approval from the director based on safety factors. Older children also attend for reasons such as them being involved with the program from a younger age and are on a prefect/head student/apprentice track.  

 Full day students bring brown bag lunches, snacks, and a water bottle.  Half day students bring a snack and a water bottle.  

 Registering for camp weeks differs between some locations.  For example, all programs taking place at the Chester Springs, Radnor/Villanova, Arcadia, and Westtown School locations are registered directly through Brandywine Learning Center, and camp weeks at Upper Dublin and Limerick based locations are registered through the corresponding parks and recreation sites. Links to register for any camp will be provided on the specific location pages.   

 Logistics such as drop off and pick up also vary per location. Closer to camp we provide related details to registered families.  

Click on a camp location for information on how to register or send us a message!
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