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House Cup Ceremony!



The 2023 wizarding season saw Slytherin as the house cup winner.  CONGRATULATIONS to SLYTHERIN! 


Who will it be this year? This year's 14th Annual House Cup ceremony will be held on:

August 17, 2024


$50 per family ($40 of which goes to a local non-profit agency and is matched by the Brandywine Learning Center!)

Brandywine Learning Center

849 Newcomen Road

Chester Springs, PA 19425


All Brandywine School of Wizarding students and their families are encouraged to attend. The cost of this event is $50 per family, $40 of which will be matched by Brandywine Learning Center and donated to Chester Springs Library. Highlights of the night include:

  • Announcement of the this year's House Cup winner! (winner is determined by the maximum average points per student, not point totals, so all houses have an equal shot at the cup, no matter the number of students)

  • Students vs. Professors and Parents Quidditch match

  • Many favorite wizard activities from camp

  • Raffles for free wizarding items and goodie baskets.

  • Butter Beer

  • Ice Cream Bar


This is an event where families stay with their child rather than dropping them off. While the night is typically geared towards families of campers who have attended this past year, any families of students who have "graduated" from the school or newcomers who are curious about our camps and activities are certainly welcome to attend!

This event is made possible by countless hours of volunteer help worked by BSW and BLC staff and our families and friends, and lead students and their families.

We are excited to see everyone and celebrate the end of this wizarding season!

House Cup - Prefects & Head Students & Apprentices.jpeg

 13th Annual House Cup Ceremony

August 19, 2023


11th Annual House Cup Ceremony

August 2021

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