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Events are centered around a mystical plot.  Special “classes” are integrated into the evening depending on the theme, such as care of magical creatures, divination, herbology, and charms to name a few.


The magical evening begins with a sorting ceremony for our first-years, then wand selection, spells, Quidditch, potions, and much more magical fun. 


Sipping butterbeer and indulging in wizard's pie and chocolate frogs, in addition to a shopping trip to our candy and joke shops, are a part of every one-nighter. 


One-nighters are typically 2.5 hours in length and held at the Brandywine Learning Center in Chester Springs. These events are a great way to get a sample of what camp would be like as well as to reconnect with fellow campers throughout the year.  

Ready for some magic?
Both new and old fans of our
Wizarding Camps will love these one night events at our Chester Springs location!
Cost per event $50 per person