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FAQs & More

Frequently Asked Questions and more.  This page will have information added to it regularly.  

Contact us for any questions left unanswered.

849 Newcomen Road

Chester Springs PA 19425



Frequently Asked Questions

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What is camp like?


What is an Owler?


How much does camp cost?


What is a One-Nighter?


Cancellation Policy

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 1. What is camp like?

Magical, of course!  It is a week at a wizarding school.  Each day is broken up between classes and activities.  Classes are in subjects like: Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, etc.  Activities are Quadball, games, sorting ceremony, shopping at our sweets and joke shop. Students bring their own lunch and snack.  With so many different classes and activities in a day we are both inside and outside at most locations.  Some examples/highlights include - The first day one of the classes is wandmaking.  The second day one of the activities is our sorting ceremony for first years.  Warning when so many witches and wizards get together the magic builds and mysterious things have been known to happen. 

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 2. What is an owler?

The letter you get inviting you to our wizarding school.  Includes your passwords for each day.  - They usually arrive 1 to 2 weeks prior to camp starting by owl post.

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 3. What does camp cost?

The price of camp varies for two reasons. The main reason is different locations charge different amounts for their rental. If you click the register button on any of the locations it will take you to a list of all the camps and you can see the prices.  There are 3 locations that we run through their local parks and recreation department, Upper Dublin, Limerick and West Chester.  Registration for those camps are on their (P&R) websites. We have the links on our site in each location's page. 

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 4. What is a one-nighter?

One-nighters are typically 2.5 hours in length and held at the Brandywine Learning Center in Chester Springs. These events are a great way to get a sample of what camp would be like as well as to reconnect with fellow campers throughout the year.  

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 5. What is your Cancellation Policy?

If your plans change after you have registered for camp

- Cancelling prior to June 1st you can recieve a full refund minus the $40 registration fee.

- Cancelling on or after June 1st you can receive a full credit minus the $40 registration fee that was included in the tuition.  CREDIT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE TO CASH.  Your credit is valid through the 2024 calendar year and is transferable to family members and friends.  It may also be used for any Brandywine School of Wizardry (BSW) or Brandywine Learning Center (BLC) program.

- Changes in enrollment made after June 1st are subject to a transfer fee per child for each request.

- No shows - Participants who do not attend for any reason, including summer school or vacation or do not contact BSW/BLC will not receive a refund or credit.

- Illness - Participants who do not attend their registered camp session due to any illness, will NOT receive a refund or credit for days or weeks missed.

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