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Wands for your new Wizard, no prior experience needed


If you have concerns about your child attending camp or an event this year and would like to cancel up to one month before the event you can receive a full refund minus a processing fee.  Cancelling with less than a month before the event, you will receive a CREDIT for tuition fees paid valid for the current camp season through 2022 and beyond. Your credit will never expire and is fully transferable to immediate family members and friends and may be used for any Brandywine School of Wizardry (BSW) or Brandywine Learning Center (BLC) program.


Please note, attendees who do not attend their registered sessions (no-shows for any reason) or who do not contact BSW or BLC to cancel prior to the event will not receive a credit.


If it is determined that any of Brandywine School of Wizardry’s events or

programs cannot take place, we have you covered.


Receive a 100% credit or refund of your total registration fee


If you choose credit you can:

1. Use your credit for any BSW or BLC program

2. Transfer credits to any immediate family member

3. Apply your credit which is valid indefinitely.


We are confident that our flexible options will provide peace of mind and ensure a great experience for all our BSW families.


We are also committed to our employees during this difficult time, while they prepare to deliver our award-winning educational experiences you can expect from BSW. We look forward to continuing to help our participants engage in these experiences now and in the future.

What is Camp like?

Wands for your new Wizard, no prior experience needed

It's awesome! - More info coming as we update our site!

What is a One-Nighter?

Wands for your new Wizard, no prior experience needed

The best parts of camp all in one night. - More info as we update out site!


What is an Owler?

Wands for your new Wizard, no prior experience needed

The letter you get inviting you to our wizarding school.  Includes your passwords for each day.  - More information will be up soon as we update our website.